The 5 Most Comfortable Sex Toys of 2024

In the latest round of testing, we evaluated dozens of sex dolls; among them, Funwest's Lily sparked the most discussion after our assessment. Lily 4ft11 features three functional orifices - a mouth (5.1in / 13cm), a vagina (7.1in / 18cm), and an anus (6.3in / 16cm). We assessed her based on aesthetics, skeletal flexibility, softness, and most importantly, the 'sexual experience' she provided. Overall, Lily emerged as the top performer in terms of authenticity and practicality among the products we tested.

Why You Should Trust Us:

Tester KK is an enthusiast of sex dolls with 6 years of experience in the doll industry. Many people praise him, saying 'he could spend a lifetime with dolls,' particularly fascinated by sex dolls. His commitment is to recommend the highest quality toys to readers. In this article, KK delves deep into factories, yes, he goes to the source of doll production to test, selecting 5 outstanding models, and evaluating the dolls' realism and user experience.
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1. Lily: Our Test Winner!

Why We Like Lily:

Firstly, she's an Asian-style doll, with a petite and adorable appearance, boasting D-cup breasts, a figure that's incredibly enticing. Lily is the best TPE sex doll we've ever used over the years. Notably, her realistic size comes at a relatively affordable price ($1250), and her weight of 66lbs and height of 4ft11 provide most users with operational flexibility, delivering the most lifelike sexual experience.

I'm certain every user would be highly interested in her various orifices. Lily boasts three functional openings, each uniquely designed, which sets her apart from many love dolls in this price range. The mouth measures 5.1 inches, providing a tight sensation for a deep-throat experience. The vagina, at 7.1 inches, caters to all sizes, while the anal entrance is snug, with a length of 6.3 inches. If you enjoy thrusting passionately into a round, ample buttocks, then she's the perfect fit for you!

It's 2024, and all dolls now come standard with the EVO skeleton and gel breasts; the tactile sensation is incredibly realistic, with the advantage of the skeleton making it easier to change positions during intercourse, resulting in more natural movements.

Testers greatly appreciate the 100% customizable design. Whether you desire different skin tones, hair, nipple color/size, or vaginal type, you can design your dream Lily. Even with full customization, including moaning functionality/vaginal suction, the cost is around $1500, making it suitable for most users.

Minor Issues During Testing:

A common issue with TPE material: While the material is soft and lifelike, cleaning and maintenance require more caution.
For most consumers, the petite figure of Lily is ideal, especially for those with strong desires for control. However, BBW enthusiasts may find her lightweight, making her more suitable for beginner or intermediate players of love dolls.

Summary: Lily is our top-rated sex doll

  • Versatile Functionality: Three orifices design - mouth, vagina, anus - for seamless switching. Offers a realistic insertion experience.
  • Design: Made of TPE material, with a petite and cute figure, large breasts. This contrast enhances the desire for control and excitement.
  • Realism: EVO skeleton provides flexibility, lightweight for enhanced maneuverability, highly practical.
  • Price: Affordable, suitable for most players.
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2. Luna: The Budget-Friendly Choice for Sex Toys!

Why We Like Luna:

If you're worried about full-sized dolls having flaws, concerned about factory craftsmanship, or seeking more affordable options, S17 Luna with a silicone ROS head, priced at just $599, is the perfect choice. She's stunning, resembling a neighbor next door, combining beauty and practicality. This is an excellent experience for players who enjoy using masturbators.

When it comes to the heads of sex dolls, we typically focus on material and detail, and Luna is made of silicone, giving her face a smooth and delicate texture, allowing you to feel the most realistic details. There's also the sensation of kneading and the 'insertion experience.' Our testers particularly love Luna for her youthful appearance, reminiscent of a first love college student, with captivating large eyes.

As you delve deeper, you'll find that her oral cavity is remarkably realistic, with teeth, a tongue, and textures on the palate, and a deep throat that simulates a real oral structure. You can customize her with wigs or implanted hair, and choose the color of her eyes. If you want to experience more realistic fellatio, you can opt for the 'oral sex function.' Yes, you heard it right; it can simulate oral suction. It's much better than regular 'electric masturbators.' Embrace the pleasure of oral sex with a personalized doll head.

Why Luna is the Budget-Friendly Choice:

  • Design: Made of silicone, Luna's doll head features exquisite makeup, catering to players looking for a unique 'masturbator' experience.
  • Versatile Functionality: With a realistic oral cavity structure, Luna is the top choice for enthusiasts of oral sex.
  • Convenience: Compared to full-sized dolls, a standalone sex doll head offers more flexibility.
  • Price: At $599, you get a silicone doll head with wax-like craftsmanship, delivering the most realistic oral sex experience.



  • Made of safe silicone material.
  • Exquisite makeup, realistic oral cavity for a unique oral sex experience.
  • Flexible storage options.


  • Hard silicone head: Slightly inferior oral sex experience, but unable to opt for 'realistic oral cavity function.'
  • Soft silicone: Unable to implant hair. Excellent oral sex experience, can opt for 'realistic oral cavity function.'
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3. Sandra: The Most Thrilling BBW Sex Doll

Why We Like Sandra:

Sandra is the ideal choice for those who prefer BBW sex dolls. Her enormous J-cup gel breasts are perfect for breast sex. I don't know about you, but I prefer them bigger and juicier. Unlike Maria, I don't need to use both hands to squeeze her breastsβ€”they're easily accessible. When she's beneath you, you'll enjoy the visual impact of her breasts swaying, and you'll relish the feeling of burying your head in her chest...

Among the BBW dolls in testing, Sandra's buttocks are also noteworthy, with powerful thighs and a tantalizing gap. It's worth mentioning Sandra's 'LHP' position. With three functional orifices plus her huge breasts, I'd say it's four sexual functions. This means you can start by playing with her basketball-sized breasts, then experience Sandra's mouth, and finally move on to vaginal or anal penetration! You decide the delightful rhythm.

Testing Minor Issues:

For those who prefer symmetrical figures, J-cup breasts may be too large; with a height of 5ft1 and weight of 123lbs, when you start experiencing her in bed, you definitely won't want to move her elsewhere.

Additionally, she is made of TPE material, which means cleaning can be quite a hassle, and drying takes time.

Sandra is considered the top-rated BBW sex doll for several reasons:

Design: Sandra's captivating facial features and enormous J-cup breasts make her the top choice for those seeking BBW dolls. Her large gel breasts are especially suitable for individuals who enjoy breast sex. Additionally, her LHP (Love, Hips, and Pussy) position is designed to provide the best possible experience.

Features: Sandra offers three functional orifices, which is a significant advantage for individuals who enjoy oral sex. With an oral depth of 5.9 inches, she can simulate a deep throat experience, providing an unparalleled sensation.


  • Material: TPE
  • Weight: 123lbs / 56kg
  • Height: 5ft1 / 161cm, J-cup


  • Best LHP position, exceptional experience.
  • She's ready for oral, vaginal, anal experiences, waiting for you to explore.
  • You can fully customize her details.
  • Huge breasts suitable for breast sex.
  • Price advantage, currently discounted to nearly $1400.


  • Sandra is a heavyweight player, so the experience might not be as good for petite users.
  • Cleaning TPE might take some time.
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4. Celine: The Doll with the Best Interactive Experience!

Why We Like Celine:

She's a beauty from the Irontech brand, which should ring a bell for readers residing in Las Vegas. Irontech attended a doll expo in Las Vegas in January. If you're in the market for a silicone doll, Celine is our winner in this category! Made from high-quality silicone material, she boasts realistic skin texture, a charming healthy figure, and unlike TPE, she's easy to clean.

With her deep gaze and sun-kissed complexion, she brings to mind goddesses sweating it out in the gym. Delicately made-up with a model-style look, pink nipples and lips, impressive F-cup breasts, and enticing pink labia. With a metal skeleton and movable joints, her movements during intercourse are natural. With her robust physique, Celine can fulfill your unique fantasies.

You can customize your Celine, from skin tone to labia style and vaginal texture. She can be equipped with automatic oral sex, automatic vaginal suction, electric hips and waist, simulating the most realistic experience. Here, props to the Irontech brand for their meticulous consideration of user experience, Thumbs up!

Testing Minor Issues:

  • Weighing 92lbs, she might pose a challenge for newcomers or those with mobility issues.
  • While Celine may not be the most expensive sex doll, she may still fall into the category of 'not very affordable' dolls. The standard package sells for $2,150, and adding all the optional features can bring the price close to $2,700.

Why Celine Offers the Best Interactive Experience Among Silicone Sex Dolls:

Design: Sporty beauty Celine boasts a captivating figure, standing at 5ft5 with F-cup curves in all the right places.

Material: Made entirely of silicone, her body feels great to the touch; meticulously detailed, she offers a visually stunning experience, and is more durable than TPE.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Weight: 92lbs / 42kg
  • Height: 5ft5 / 164cm
  • Oral Depth: 4.7in / 12cm
  • Anal Depth: 6.3in / 16cm
  • Vaginal Depth: 7.1in / 18cm


  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • 100% EVO skeleton for increased flexibility.
  • Multi-functional upgrades: Can add automatic oral sex function, electric hips (waist) function, providing a rich sexual experience.
  • Celine is ready for experiences with the mouth, vagina, and anus.
  • Sun-kissed skin tone and realistic skin texture leave a lasting impression. Offers visual appeal.
  • Celine's fitness goddess-like figure makes her the dream of every man who loves sports.


  • In terms of price, if you need to add all the upgraded functions, Celine does not belong to the 'affordable sex doll' series.
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5. Fanreal's 5ft8 Maria is Absolutely Charming!

When we saw Maria, oh my, we were amazed. Maria instantly captivated our hearts; indeed, we couldn't wait to experience her. She is the most charming and lifelike sex doll, but also the most expensive. Made of high-quality silicone material and featuring a metal skeleton with unique technology, her joints are very flexible, providing a natural experience. She truly maximizes beauty to the fullest.

She can be your ultimate dream woman, standing at 5ft8 with D-cup breasts, boasting a perfectly proportioned figure that exudes the feeling of a top-tier model. You can fully customize her details, from hair color to eye color, and even the texture of her vagina! This is the most unique experience. You can also customize certain parts of her body to be softer, effectively balancing the aesthetic appeal of silicone with practicality.

Minor Issues Found:

While she is the most lifelike, she's also the most expensive, with full customization details approaching $3000.
This cost might be too much for newcomers. She is more suitable for those who wish for a long-term companion, seeking to alleviate loneliness and enhance emotional connections.

Why Maria Is the Most Charming Sex Doll:

Design: Among over twenty dolls, none can rival Maria's realism. Her lifelike beauty surpasses all others. With a 5ft8 D-cup physique, she fulfills the dream of having a model as a lover. I thoroughly enjoy her.

User Experience: The closest to real touch and sexual experience. Fanreal has revolutionized the game with silicone, changing perceptions of its hardness to that of muscles; coupled with realistic body painting, it becomes even more authentic.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Height: 5ft8 D-cup / 173cm D-cup
  • Weight: 80lbs / 36kg


  • Multiple body type options.
  • High-quality silicone, safe material.
  • Exquisite appearance, easy maintenance, suitable for users seeking long-term companionship and emotional enhancement.
  • Dual orifice insertion: Vaginal Depth: 6.3in / 16cm; Anus Depth: 5.1in / 13cm.


  • The most expensive doll I've ever used - $2800-$3000 (Apply discount code SAVE5 to save 5%)
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