Introduction to Irontech Sex Dolls

Witnessing Irontech sex dolls for the first time will undoubtedly leave you in awe! How is it possible for a brand to craft dolls with such exquisite precision, presenting breathtakingly realistic details and comfortable interactive features? The allure, akin to real-life charm and the beauty reminiscent of a 'Miss World' contestant, raises the question. In reality, Irontech is renowned for its mastery, with the majority of their products' appearances derived from 3D modeling of actual individuals. Behind the creation of these intricate products lies their exceptional craftsmanship, and their commitment to authentic passion shines through the ultimate experiences provided by the interactive functionalities. Additionally, Irontech holds a prestigious international reputation, regularly participating in exhibitions; the latest being held in Las Vegas from January 25th to 27th, 2024. For specific event details, please refer to the Irontech official website. Garnering high praise on social media, Irontech collaborates with many 'KOL' and 'KOC' figures, aiming to dispel biases surrounding the sex doll industry and foster greater understanding and appreciation within the artistic realm. Now, let's delve deeper into the story of Irontech.

  • 2015-2016,Start-up
  • 2017, Headquarters to Zhongshan
  • 2018, TPE factory established
  • 2019, The number of agents was growing rapidly2020, Brand's influence expanded significantly
  • 2021, Silicone factory established
  • 2022, Gel and robotic options launched
  • 2023, Full body skin texture doll - Real Lady

How are Irontech sex dolls made?

Irontech Dolls O

You may have seen some manufacturers offer 'body softness' options, but only on Irontech do you see the partial softness option. Soft belly, softer thighs, softer vagina, astonishing technical capabilities also reflect their in-depth study of user interests/needs.

Body Softness

Unique - Vagina Texture

Irontech Sex Dolls Detail

Irontech Doll Silicone Sex Doll Bodies

  • 5ft1/152cm Sex Doll

  • 5ft2/158cm Sex Doll

  • 5ft3/160cm Sex Doll

  • 5ft5/165cm Sex Doll

  • 5ft5/166cm Sex Doll

  • 5ft6/168cm Sex Doll

Sex Doll Function Show

  • Automatic Vaginal Sucking

    Do you want more incredible sexual pleasure? The love doll can clamp/suck on your cock during interaction, which is a delightful feature. Choose the automatic vaginal clamping and suction function, which will surprise you, just like a real experience.

    (Only built-in vagina)

  • Automatic Blowjob

    A function that lets you free your hands! You can remotely control the frequency of the doll's oral sex, press 'A' to speed up, press 'C' to slow down, you can also press 'D' to experience the cycle of oral sex, one fast and one slow; your beloved sex doll not only imitates the movements, It can also bring you the most realistic and ultimate sexual experience! Enjoy!

  • Electric Hip

    When you interact with your love doll, she can twist her waist and hips. When you use the "Rear-Entry Experience" or other postures, it is definitely a visual impact, just like a real person. You can also remotely adjust the speed according to your "mood". If you want to customize and upgrade functions, and you want to bring the ultimate experience, don't miss it!

Influential KOL & KOC Collaborations

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