First-Time Shopping Guide

What's the current attitude towards sex dolls?

People still harbor concerns and reservations about purchasing or discussing sex dolls, primarily due to worries about doll quality and the legality of buying and using adult dolls. However, in today's society, attitudes toward sex dolls are becoming more accepting.
Many individuals hold an open-minded view of sex dolls. You can find like-minded people on forums such as TDF or join our community forum. Sex dolls are not just toys; they can provide psychological support, alleviate loneliness, and offer companionship. For singles, a sex doll can serve as a companion. For couples seeking a spicy but consensual love life, a sex doll can be an excellent partner. Those with unique preferences that a regular partner may not fulfill can opt for a personalized sex doll. For special groups such as disabled individuals or those with psychological trauma, sex dolls can offer companionship. Today, sex dolls are no longer a taboo subject, and people prioritize finding partners that fulfill their needs. You can even find people sharing their experiences on platforms like YouTube or X. Overall, the key is to find a safe, compliant sex doll product."

6 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Sex Doll:

1. Reputable Manufacturers and Suppliers:
Choosing well-known sex doll manufacturers and suppliers is crucial to ensuring product quality and reputation. There are several renowned brands in the market, and opting for these brands provides confidence in purchasing a reliable sex doll.
2. Authenticity of the Product:
Ensuring the authenticity of a sex doll is a crucial step in the purchasing process. Watching real-life videos, reading website reviews, and exploring brand evaluations on social media can provide better insights into the actual performance of the product and the experiences of other users.
3. Quality and Price:
The price range for sex dolls typically falls between $1500 and $3000, with pricing often correlated with quality. Investing in a high-quality sex doll is a way to ensure the most realistic experience. Reputable and experienced manufacturers use premium materials and excellent product design, guaranteeing a durable investment that can meet your needs anytime, anywhere. A sex doll is a long-term investment and deserves careful consideration.
4. Customization Options:
When investing $2000, you expect a fully customized doll that meets your desires. Ensure that the chosen brand offers personalized customization options so that you can create your perfect woman.
5. Storage Considerations:
Given the curves and appearance of sex dolls, consider the storage location before purchasing. Ensure there's enough privacy to prevent unnecessary embarrassment. You might need a spacious wardrobe or storage box to ensure the doll remains in good condition during storage.
6. After-Sales Service and Payment Security:
Check the supplier's after-sales service policy before purchasing to ensure they provide sufficient support. Additionally, choose a secure and reliable payment method to safeguard transaction security. After shopping, carefully read the cleaning and maintenance guide to ensure the correct cleaning and storage of the sex doll, extending its lifespan."

"Sensidolls is committed to providing users with an exceptional experience. Our collaborating brands have a prominent reputation and over a decade of experience in doll design and development. Every production process is meticulously carried out by experienced technicians and undergoes rigorous quality checks before being shipped. We also offer comprehensive after-sales services to ensure you receive professional support throughout the entire shopping process. Therefore, when choosing a customized doll, opt for the professional services of Sensidolls, delivering unparalleled quality and service to you."

What is the difference between TPE and silicone?

Silicone Sex Doll:

1. Realistic, characteristically firm, and sculptable; (more exquisite)
2. Silicone is easy to clean; (small stains can be easily removed)
3. Strong resilience and tear resistance
4. Long lifespan (slow oil exudation)
5. Cons:Expensive (much more expensive than TPE, with more challenging craftsmanship)
6. Basic properties can be a bit firm; requires silicone oil for elasticity and softness.

TPE Sex Doll:

1. Inexpensive
2. Softer with more elasticity for a better experience
3. Cons:Products made from TPE may not be as refined as those made from silicone. Due to its soft nature, achieving intricate detailing in painting can be challenging.
4. Staining and discoloration can be more challenging to handle.

Combination: Silicone head + TPE body

A silicone head can feature intricate aesthetics, while a TPE body offers more softness. The overall cost remains reasonable."

How to Order Your Perfect Sex Doll?

1. Choose a sex doll that sparks an immediate desire at first glance.
2. Select your favorite and most desired accessories/features: head, wig, eyes, skin tone, breast material, nipple size, vaginal style, heating system, automatic oral sex, automatic vaginal suction, etc.
3. Add to cartβ€”secure payment; wait for delivery."