Introduction to WM Sex Dolls

WMDOLL is a well-known brand in the field of TPE and silicone doll manufacturing and is well-known around the world.
Always focus on customer experience and constantly break through the limitations of sex dolls with innovative ideas. In recent years, we have continued to innovate and successively launched various functions of the WM TECH series.

On, 200 WM brand products were screened, including TPE products and silicone products. These products have realistic heads and feature WM technology features such as breathing features, ball-jointed hand bones, sucking vaginas, etc.

WMdoll WM Doll makes love dolls that are highly configurable to suit almost your needs. And offers many free options:
Enhanced mouth: textured, with tongue
Makeup type: free lip makeup, nail color, toenail color, surreal human body depiction
Pubic hair type: optional #1, #2, #3
Others: Standing, EVO skeleton, upgraded soft skin, even respiratory system, spherical hand skeleton, etc.
You can customize all the details of your love doll. Own your WM love doll!

WM Dolls Options Features 


WM Dolls' head design features exceptional realism, crafted from premium silicone or TPE materials for lifelike skin tone and texture. Intricately sculpted facial features, impressive eyes, and a variety of hair colors to choose from give each head a distinctive personality. The sturdy connection ensures a natural appearance and smooth movement. Committed to delivering an immersive experience, WM Dolls stands as a choice for those seeking top-notch quality.



Customization options allow users to choose different heights, cups, skin tones, areolas, pubic hair styles, and more to meet individualized needs. The carefully sculpted details and the fact that they are made of soft Tpe material not only make a visual impact, but also provide a better interactive experience.


Skin Tone 

Skin tone is an individually customizable option for the WM Doll.
The current skin colors you can choose are: White、Fair、Pink、Medium、Tan、Cocoa and Black



Wigs are a custom option that can be individually customized.
There are 15 different wigs available starting from 12/2022.


Other options:

WM Dolls Feature Introduction

  • Real Oral Sex (ROS)

  • Blowjob Sucker

  • Breathing System

  • Exclusive Ball Jointed Hand Skeleton

- Super realistic mouth
- Flexible tongue and jaw
- Real blowjob channel
You can feel the real oral sex experience!

WM Doll released their own version of the sucking vagina called “Blowjob Sucker” in 2023. The charge port is under the armpit and charge time is approximately 2-3 hours.

With the vagina-sucking function, the doll's vagina can automatically suck/clamp you and maintain the sucking state for a long time; this function greatly improves the interaction and comfort level between you and the doll.

✨NOTE: This option is not compatible with the Body Heating System, Removable Vagina & Lubricant-free option.

New function of M doll: respiratory system
The respiratory system is a new feature released by WM Doll in 2021. With this new breathing feature,
When you use the WM doll, she will follow the same rhythm as a real person, inhaling to raise her chest, exhaling to lower her chest, and the air will go in and out through the nostrils. It will have a strong visual impact and a better experience. Can breathe like a real person.

✨Note: The Breathing System is currently only available on WM sex dolls.

WMDoll's product research and development is amazing; in the past, the old-fashioned steel wire fingers could not complete various gestures and could easily puncture the skin; but now the new joints - ball joint hand skeleton; it can restore the doll's fingers to look like real people shape and will not penetrate the skin; sex dolls can be put into various shapes, which is definitely a fascinating upgrade for those who like sex dolls.

WM Doll's Feature Show

  • WM ROS

  • Blowjob Sucker

  • Ball Jointed Hand Skeleton

How to verify the authenticity of WM dolls?

  • WM Dolls Anti-fake System

  • Click the “anti-fake check”

WM Dolls anti-counterfeiting code query system is a unique and leading query system in the market that integrates production management, quality management, traceability and other functions.

Each WM doll will come with a brochure and you will find a scratch card with an Anti-Forgery code. Scratch the surface of the card to get the code and then enter it into the WM Dolls’ official website.

  • Go to the WM official website and enter the doll’s anti-counterfeiting code.

Note: The verification code is random and here is “ufip”

Go to WM official website

WM Doll: Real Doll VS Fake Doll

Fake doll

  • The head is quite different from the real person.
  • The shoulders, chest, and abdomen are rough.
  • The skin feels very bad and not soft enough.
  • The styles of legs and vagina are not realistic enough.
    You don’t want to spend so much money on a poor product, right?
    Sensidolls is an officially authorized agent of WM. You can shop with confidence at Sensidolls.

  • Head

  • Breast

  • Abdomen

  • More Detail

Customize your perfect WM love dolls