Introduction To Upgrade Functions

If you want to pursue a more extreme experience, upgrade and add interactive functions!

Body Heating System:

Powered by inserting the power cord, it warms the entire doll's torso and intimate areas. After about 15 minutes, unplug, and the doll's body temperature will be maintained for a period.

Automatic Suction Vagina Function:The vagina can automatically tighten/pulse, creating a realistic sensation as if it's sucking. Powered by batteries, regularly rechargeable through a wall charger.

Breathing Function:The doll's torso naturally expands and contracts, simulating the gentle rise and fall with deep breaths. Battery-powered, rechargeable through a wall charger (applies to WM brand products).

Shoulder Shrugging (EVO):The skeletal system is improved for more extensive movement and shoulder-shrugging actions (incompatible with the body heating system).Do the pose you've always wanted to try!

Enhanced Mouth (ROS): The oral texture and movable jaw are enhanced to heighten the pleasure of oral sex.



Hot Selling Advanced Interactive Features

  • Automatic Vaginal Sucking Function

Do you want more incredible sexual pleasure? The love doll can clamp/suck on your cock during interaction, which is a delightful feature. Choose the automatic vaginal clamping and suction function, which will surprise you, just like a real experience.

(Only built-in vagina)

  • Automatic Blowjob

A function that lets you free your hands! You can remotely control the frequency of the doll's oral sex, press 'A' to speed up, press 'C' to slow down, you can also press 'D' to experience the cycle of oral sex, one fast and one slow; your beloved sex doll not only imitates the movements, It can also bring you the most realistic and ultimate sexual experience! Enjoy!

  • Electric Hip And Waist Function

When you interact with your love doll, she can twist her waist and hips. When you use the "Rear-Entry Experience" or other postures, it is definitely a visual impact, just like a real person. You can also remotely adjust the speed according to your "mood". If you want to customize and upgrade functions, and you want to bring the ultimate experience, don't miss it!

  • Oral Sex Function

Only the ROS soft silicone head can be equipped with simulated oral sex function.

  • The doll's head is connected to the device and can be controlled remotely.
  • Comes with built-in moaning sounds, which can be switched between Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean moaning sounds
  • Press 'M' to turn on the oral suction function

Irontech ROS function is only applicable to S1Miya, S17Luna, S18Hazel, S20Suki, S26 Hedy, S29Fenny, S37 Yeona, S40Eileen soft silicone head

Robot Sex Dolls - Automatic Blowjob,Electric Hip,Automatic Vaginal Sucking Functions